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Hello. I am Tyranny Allen, former member of Digital Underground and ambitious entrepreneur who has been working in the bay area for the last 20 yrs.

I am a multi-talented, consultant, producer and artist manager who has emerged fulfilling his overall purpose. To inspire, innovate, empower & accomplish everything set out to do, through proper preparation, education, and hard work.

After discovering a market that allowed my musical influences, knowledge and background motivate and assist up coming talent in the Bay Area,  by 2009 I founded Marketing Kings, an advertising company bringing companies ideas to life through creativity and design.

Starting with the opening of my first business Lucky’s Barber Shop, making a name for myself in the bay area’s art and entertainment industry. With an innovative, creative, approach led to the success of not only one but multiple businesses in Old Oakland.

Marketing Kings is currently one of the most prominent branding and marketing company’s to hit the Bay Area. Also my full participation and support in business activities as well as sponsoring local charitable events, has solidify my commitment to the area.

“Its not about the cards you’re dealt but the way you play them, that allows you to be successful”.


Tyranny Allen

Branding Is Everything!

We want to give entrepreneurs the tools to succeed in today’s world. A mixture of emerging technologies with self confidence, toppled with unparalleled business secrets to propel you unto the next level.

We are working hard in putting together programs with field experts. Our new curriculum will be ready for early 2016. To sign up for early insider’s access, register today.


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